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  • CHALLENGE 721 is an acidic detergent powder formulated for removal of calcium, lime, millstone and water hardness scale that has built up on surfaces.
  • CHALLENGE 721 is safe to use on all types of hard surfaces concrete, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, porcelain, brick and metals.
  • CHALLENGE 721 being a powder is very economical and dissolves quickly when added to water.
  • CHALLENGE 721 is more effective when used with hot water.
  • CHALLENGE 721 should be rinsed off surfaces with water after use. CHALLENGE 721 is non residual and items such as jugs and urns can be used after rinsing thoroughly with water.


C.I.P. Cleaning

Add 1 kg CHALLENGE 721 per 10 litres of water. Circulate for 30 minutes at processing temperature. Drain and rinse with potable water after use.

Urn, Jug & Kettle Cleaning

Fill appliance with water. Add 1 tablespoon per litre of water, bring the appliance to the boil and allow to cool down and rinse out thoroughly with water.

Dishwashing Machines

Fill tank with hot water, add 1-2 cups per tank and operate machine on wash cycle for 10 minutes. Empty tank and rinse all areas with fresh water.

Removal of Hard Water Scale (Urinal build up and descaling of sinks, shower stalls, ice machines and drink fountains)

Add 1 cup per 8 litres of hot water and mop or wipe onto surface, allow reasonable contact time then scour, scrub or scrape the surface if build up is thick and rinse off with water.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Rubber gloves and eye protection should be worn.


If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. PH 13 11 26. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, give a glass of water and seek medical advice. If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash area thoroughly with copious amounts of water. If eye contact occurs, irrigate with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice if irritation persists.


CHALLENGE 721 is available in 5 and 25 kg containers.

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