Challenge Total Cover – A new level of support and safety.

Challenge Total Cover is a service and supply program that is customised and tailored to support the Hospitality, Food Service and Laundry Industry’s.

The service and supply program focuses on each industry to implement and educate your staff to provide Total Cover protection for your facility, staff and customers.

Challenge Total Cover has 5 major areas of support:


Each section is intertwined and together will provide a safe and economical cleaning solution for your staff and customers.


Challenge Chemicals products have been developed and formulated to provide cleaning results first time saving time and resources. Not all of our products are considered safe to use.

Cleaning chemicals and associated use around the world account for one of the highest work place injuries. To limit work place injuries and provide a safer working environment Challenge Chemicals have developed highly visible and easily identifiable product labels.

New Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Product Labels

Challenge Chemicals have developed a new labelling and identification system to ensure a safer work place and easier product identification and area of usage.

Labels are now colour and number coded along with greater safety and precaution information complying with new GHS regulations. This combined with new Operator safety charts provide a triple check system for the user.

New Long Life End User Labels

Unlabelled or faded labels can be a real safety hazard. Our new long life end user labels, including spray bottle and squeeze bottle labels provide long lasting highly visible labelling.

New long life spray bottle labels with easily identified product name, colour and number coding further enhance our safety offering.


Challenge Chemicals have made many advances in our safety features and digital training programs providing a safer work place and greater protection for your valued clients.
New Product labelling is just the start with the following safety advances now included:

New Operator safety Charts

Our newly designed Operator Safety Charts proves, at a glance, correct product usage, product placement, product precautions and correct PPE. These charts cross reference with labels to ensure correct product and correct usage.

Safety Training Programs

Challenge safety and training provide comprehensive safety and procedural programs to optimise employee and customer safety while providing procedures to optimise cleaning tasks and control costs.

Programs include:

  • Chemical safety, handling and application
  • Housekeeping, Food& Beverage and Laundry procedural training
  • Onsite practical demonstrations & product reviews

Our safety and training programs ensure best cleaning and sanitising results, safe guarding your customers and your business while controlling costs.


Challenge Chemicals provide local support with experience technicians and local management team for quick reply and response to your requests.


A strong local management team along with our experienced technical team provide immediate emergency and technical support. With local manufacturing and warehousing we can also offer next day delivery and never any back ordering of product..


Our experienced staff will provide an initial site survey to ensure the correct product for each cleaning task, as well as give a plan to provide staff training and installation of our equipment. Once a date is set, our qualified team will safely install all equipment, working around times that suit you, so as not to interrupt normal business trading.


Our experienced team will partner with you providing regular set service calls with a strong focus on cleaning results, safety and training.


Our local team of experienced technicians partner with you to provide regular set service calls to your place of business. Each service call is followed by a full service report sent to the heads of each department.

On each service call we provide:

  • A strong focus on employee safety and correct procedural and operational efficiencies
  • Maintenance and corrective actions of dosing and dispensing equipment.
  • Full reports highlighting cleaning results, corrective actions, employee training and recommendations


Challenge Chemicals have partnered with SEKO Australia, a global leader in pumps and dispensing systems providing a TOTAL COVER solution to chemical dosing and dispensing.


Challenge Chemicals Australia have partnered with SEKO Australia , a global leader in pumps and dispensing systems to provide a safer working environment, exact dilution rates and cost controlling solutions.

Our certified and industry experienced electricians and technicians correctly install all equipment working around your preferred time frames as to not interrupt your busy periods, then set a regular maintenance program ensuring equipment is operating and dosing at correct levels ensuring best cleaning and sanitising results


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