Carpet & Upholstry

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  • Stain Remover for browning and watermarks.
  • Anti Foam Addative
  • Low Foaming, pH 5.5 Extraction Shampoo
  • Film Encapsulation Dry Foam Carpet and Upholstry Shampoo
  • Low Foaming Extractor Shampoo
  • Rust and Iron Treatment.
  • Low pH Carpet Neutraliser
  • 50% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
  • Enzyme Spotter to Remove Oil & Fat Based Stains
  • Non toxic all-purpose organic odour eliminator.
  • Laundry Solvent Addative
  • Colour safe sanitizer to remove yellowing, sweat and urine staining.
  • Stain remover for blood, wine and protein based food soils.
  • Odour counteractant with spicy fragrance.