Why Challenge

We Challenge Everything

Founded in 1973, Challenge Chemicals has earned a reputation as a trailblazer in chemical manufacturing in Western Australia.

Our partnerships are underpinned by our extensive experience in manufacturing, a vast customer base, our expansive facility and warehousing capabilities, and the dedication of our long-term, qualified staff.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence has resulted in superior cleaning products. Among them, the Pilbara Tough range, a tested and proven product, designed resiliently to outperform in the most demanding environments on Earth.

We continuously challenge timeframes, labour hours, downtime, costs, and results to bring unparalleled value to our customers.

Centrally headquartered in Henderson, with our manufacturing plant situated at Kwinana Beach, we operate in synergy with Process Chemicals to enhance our reach and expertise manifold.

Challenge Everything, Expect More.

Expect More

At Challenge Chemicals, we have spent decades perfecting our formulas and diversifying our knowledge, with a steadfast dedication to understanding the industries we serve.

Our company goes beyond the traditional manufacturer approach, beyond the linear. Ours is a dynamic approach.

We make the time to discover the evolving needs of our end-user, create a solution to surpass expectation, then empower our partners, so together we can achieve exponential growth.

We don’t just make solutions; we know it’s more than that. It’s about working in partnership with you to deliver revenue raising resources, then making a real impact to your bottom line.

The Industry Experts

Our specific industry knowledge is our edge. We are a major supplier of solutions across multiple industries, with specialised knowledge, experience, and insight for every sector.

Our products are not only specifically formulated, they are also always economical and eco-conscious.

Through our national distribution partners, you are guaranteed access to a ready supply and vast range of proven products for your operations.

Backed by local servicing and support, Challenge Chemicals are leaders in after sales and maintenance support.

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