Uriphos (H8)

Acidic Toilet Gel

Pack sizes:
750ml, 5L,15L,25L


URIPHOS is a thick acidic toilet cleaner for use on porcelain, vitreous enamel, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminium and chrome surfaces.

Being a thick liquid, URIPHOS has excellent adhesion to vertical surfaces. URIPHOS will destroy bacteria on contact and has a pleasant lavender fragrance leaving the area smelling fresh and clean.


URIPHOS safely removes uric acids, lime, scale, rust and organic deposits from toilet bowls, urinals, washroom fittings, shower recesses and tile walls and floors.


Apply URIPHOS undiluted onto surface through a squeeze bottle applicator. Spread evenly over the surface.  Allow a reasonable contact time of 10-15 minutes and brush or scour area and rinse off with water.


URIPHOS is acidic. Avoid skin and eye contact. Gloves should be worn. Store away from metal products and foodstuffs and never mix with other chemicals.


If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. PH 13 11 26. If swallowed do not induce vomiting, give a glass of water and seek medical advice. If skin contact does occur remove contaminated clothing and wash thoroughly with water. For eye contact, irrigate with water for 15 minutes and if irritation persists seek medical advice.


URIPHOS is available in 750 ml, 5, 15, 25 and 200 litre containers. Squeeze bottles, brushes and non scratch scourers are also available.

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