Low Temp Colour Safe Powdered Bleach

  • Pack Size: 5kg, 20kg

LT BLEACH is powerful powdered safe laundry bleach suitable for removing troublesome stains from all fabrics and all colours at low temperatures (35o-50o).

  • Effective in soft or hard water.
  • Compatible with all detergents.
  • Provides alkali for optimum pH for bleaching.
  • Boosts the laundering capabilities of commercial detergents.
  • Removes stains from cotton and cotton/polyester fabrics.
  • Sanitising properties make it effective for towelling and nappies.
  • Removes gravy, coffee, wine and fruit stains.
  • Does not contain hazardous chlorine products.
  • Effective at low concentrations.
  • Environmentally safe – decomposes to form water, oxygen and soda ash.



1. Apply LT BLEACH to wash cycle at between 50 and 100gm (1/4 to 1/2 cup) per 50kg dry load.

2. When soaking make up a solution of 50gm (1/4 cup)/10 litre and soak overnight.


Avoid skin and eye contact.

If poisoning occurs contact a doctor of poisons information centre. PH 13 11 26. If swallowed do not induce vomiting, give a glass of water and seek medical advice. If skin contact does occur remove contaminated clothing and wash thoroughly with water. For eye contact, irrigate with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical advice.

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