Concentrated HD Red Dirt Remover

  • Pack Size: 5L,25L,200L,1000L

Challenge Chemicals  have formulated WHITE HOT to be a concentrated heavy duty remover of mineral salts and red dirt staining. It will brighten and clean all metals and oxidised painted surfaces. Specialised ingredients selected to leave surfaces clean, shiny and protected against further staining.

  • The most effective red dirt remover on the market
  • Strong acidic cleaner
  • Fast, effective, heavy duty cleaner.


  • Heavy pindan dirt removal and associated staining.
  • Brightens metals and painted surfaces that are stained from oxidisation, rust and welding burns.
  • Plant and equipment maintenance.
  • Removal of  calcium and scale within shower blocks and toilets.


  • Heavy Staining Mix 1 part WHITE HOT to 1 part water.
  • Light Staining Mix 1 part WHITE HOT to 2 parts water.
  1. Apply with a low pressure spray working in small sections
  2. Allow 2-3 minutes contact time. Do NOT allow to dry.
  3. Agitate if severe staining
  4. Pressure wash off
  5. Use PREDATOR in-between washes to maintain stain free surfaces

Strong acid. Avoid skin and eye contact.

If poisoning occurs contact a doctor of Poisons Information Centre. PH 13 11 26. If swallowed do not induce vomiting, give a glass of water and seek medical advice. If skin contact does occur remove contaminated clothing and wash thoroughly with water. For eye contact, irrigate with water for 15 minutes and if irritation persists seek medical advice.

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