Toll Blending is Challenge Chemicals’ fastest growing sector and draws on our experience of 50 years of manufacturing.

This end-to-end capability allows you, or your customers, to create a bespoke product range, targeted to specific needs, branded with your name, as the exclusive retailer to keep customers coming back for your signature range.

Using specialised equipment and expert mixes, processes, and produces we create a unique, new product specific to your unique formulation requirements. Beyond formulation and manufacture, Challenge Chemicals deliver additional services such as packaging, labelling, and logistics.

This means you can take your niche product as far as you need it to go, building a new commercial stream into your business.

Challenge your company’s
glass ceiling.

Expect more resources to facilitate growth and future-proof profits.

Service elements include:



Packaging and labelling design

Packaging testing and compliance

Chemical formulation of product

Safety & transport documents and certifications

Fully automated bulk filling systems and packing systems

Bulk manufacturing under strict quality control

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